QualityTM Chasers
Geometric Style Die Heads
For proper order entry, you will need the following:
  • Number of sets required
  • Part Number *
If no part number is available, please also supply:
  • Diameter and Pitch
  • Size and Style of die head
  • Chaser Style (Regular, Projection, etc.)
  • Thread Form (UN, METRIC, PIPE, etc.)
  • Chamfer Angle
  • RH or LH threads
  • Material to be threaded
  • Cutting Face Angle

* Having a part number makes ordering quick and easy.

To facilitate ordering of Quality Chaser products, you can request a Product Guide on our E-Mailbox page, or download just the section you want on our Download page. The Product Guide will provide you with part numbers for over 10,000 products.

A part number is not required to place an order, however. Providing us with the proper information will assure that we manufacture exactly the configuration you need.